E-VPN service introduces several features to control your network securely and define your traffic types and priorities:

More than connectivity:

Improved E-VPN service has the intelligence to differentiate between your traffic types and monitors your network with outstanding value added features.


Traffic aware:

E-VPN allows you to define and categorize your traffic types and priorities into intelligent classes of service (Best Effort, Business and Real Time).


Expert Management

Focus on your core business while PALTEL provides installation, maintenance and management of your network and equipment.



E-VPN is built over state of the art IP MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology with a wide range of access options and variety of scalable speeds.


More advantages


PALTEL provides additional special features on the top of your E-VPN service such as:

  1. Central Internet: Internet service delivered to any site of your network.

 2. Resilient routing options: Dynamic routing protocols and backup lines.

 3. L2VPN: Layer 2 service connects two branches using point to point technique.     

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